Pregnant and Perfect

In America maternity shoots, kind of like baby showers, are a big deal. It seems to be the norm to have one rather than not. I spend a lot of time on online pregnancy support groups filled with Americans so recently my news feed has been flooded with the most beautiful pictures. With hair and makeup styled perfectly and gorgeous flowing dresses these pictures are what every woman dreams of looking like when pregnant. Ordinary day to day pictures just do not live up!

Getting professional pictures taken is an expense that few of us can afford or justify during pregnancy. Any money I have right now is for baby and things that she needs. Hell we probably can’t even afford a new born photo shoot and if we had to pick one to spend our hard earned cash on newborn would win over maternity every time!

Every girl wants to feel like a princess every now and then though and I was getting very jealous of all the amazing pictures while I felt like a troll! So I decided to take matters into my own hands and hold my own personal maternity shoot.

Now I love Jack very much. He’s a wonderful man and he has many strengths. Taking pictures of me is not one of them. If I ask him to take a picture he expects to take one picture and no more. He can never understand why you would want more. When we went on holiday to Norfolk I was desperate to utilise the woods for some pregnancy pictures and ended up with one very average photograph!


There’s only so far that mirror selfies can go towards getting the perfect pic!


So I purchased a tripod for my phone. It comes with a bluetooth remote that links up with your phone or camera so that you can easily take pictures. This is the one i bought:

Armed with my tripod and a couple of dresses from boohoo I headed out into the garden to try my luck. I was so glad I did! Looking at the end results I felt confident and beautiful- feelings which are becoming rarer as I become bigger!



Fancy professional photos are all well and good but for those of you on a budget don’t be afraid to take matters into your own hands! Everyone deserves to have beautiful pictures especially at such a unique and magical time of life! And if your partner is as useless as mine when it comes to taking pictures I seriously recommend a smart phone tripod to ending the choice between grumbling partners and mirror selfies for good!


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